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Hodgson, [Manuscript] Journal of a Voyage between Liverpool and New York 1874. Hodgson, George G. [Charlotte Bronte / Clement Lingley Wragge (Meteorologist) / George Albert Frost (Artist)]. [Manuscript] Journal of a Voyage between Liverpool and New York 1874. A remarkable journal kept by a newly qualified surgeon of his 1874 trip to New York after 'passing my Primary examinations for the Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons' before starting to practice in the autumn The journal contains a profusion of vividly rendered and highly unconventional detail about life in America's metropolis including a visit to the cells at New York Police Headquarters, a dramatisation of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre on Broadway which prompts a foray by Hodgson into dramatic criticism ('If Miss Charlotte Bronte could have seen the play, she would have had some difficulty in recognising it as an adaptation of her own novel') and finally the return passage spent in the intoxicating company of a future White Mountains artist and a young man destined to become a leading Australian meteorologist, breaking off in the middle of a storm at sea: 'a wall of water... approaches with terrible rapidity, and shifting the ship on the side, makes her shiver from stem to stern, while the great mass falls with a crash onto the deck, and sweeps all before it into the dark and hungry ocean beyond.' New York, 1874. Octavo. 32 pages Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. The Journal is accompanied by a very misleading replica of a wonderful whalers scrimshaw (the scrimshaw comes from a different source and was not originally part of this journal).

Keywords: 19.Jahrhundert, 19th Century, 19th century manuscript, Autograph, Autographs, English Medical History, Handschrift, Handschriften, Liverpool, Manuscript, Manuscript Journal, Manuskript, Manuskripte, Maritime Manuscripts, Nautical Manuscripts, New York, New York City, Reisebericht, Reiseberichte, Seereise

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Sommer, 19th century Manuscript by british composer James van Sommer Sommer, James van / Spohr, Louis / Keller, Karl / Beethoven, Ludwig van / Hummel, Johann Nepomuk / Weber, Carl Maria von / Eberwein, Traugott Maximilian / etc. "Songs &c., chiefly by German Composers. With English Words by James van Sommer, by whom also the Music was ruled and transcribed". / 19th century Manuscript by british composer James van Sommer with transcriptions of German Lieder in poetry form and score. Marvellous original manuscript with early transcriptions into english of some unusual composers. The manuscript in a beautiful and steady hand in ink/ Originales Manuskript von Transkriptionen teilweise ungewoehnlicher Lieder deutscher und europaeischer Komponisten des spaeten 18. und fruehen 19.Jahrhunderts. Wundervolle, sehr akkurate Handschrift. [England, possibly Hoxton], James van Sommer, 1837. Octavo. 157 pages. Modern, unsophisticated Hardcover with new endpapers. Excellent condition.

Keywords: 18.Jahrhundert, 18th Century, 19.Jahrhundert, 19th Century, Autograph, Autographs, Lieder, Manuscript, Manuscripts, Manuskripte, Music , Music History

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