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Bennett, History of Corn Milling Vol. IV - Some Feudal Mills. Bennett, Richard. Elton, John. History of Corn Milling Vol. IV – Some Feudal Mills. With Memoir of the late Richard Bennett. Wakefield, EP Publishing Limited, 1975. 16 cm x 24 cm. XVI, 226 pages. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket in protective Mylar. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following essays: Castle Mills Dublin – Comepnsation to St Mary’s Abbey 1254, The king and the city mill 1319, Shrewsbury Abbey Mills – The mill on the Gaye 1268, Town soke abolished 1326, and Jedburgh Corporation Mills – Creating a soke 1670.

Keywords: Irish History, Military History, World War I, World War One

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Bhulbh, Sloinnte na hÉireann; Irish Surnames. Bhulbh, Seán de. Sloinnte na hÉireann; Irish Surnames. Limerick, Comhar-chumann Íde Naofa, 1997. Octavo. IX, 385 pages. Original Softcover. Very Rare and sought after Publication ! The lower part of the frontcover slightly bumped (dogear). Otherwise in very good condition with only minor signs of wear.

Keywords: Gaeilge, Gaelic, Gaelic Surnames, Irish History, Irish Surnames, Names

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Bianconi, Bianconi: King of the Irish Roads. Bianconi, M. O’C. and S.J. Watson. Bianconi: King of the Irish Roads. Dublin, Allen Figgis, 1962. 14.5cm x 22cm. 190 pages. Original Hardcover with dustjacket and protective Mylar covering. The cover is slightly worn. Otherwise very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Charles Bianconi (1786-1875) helped to revolutionise the transport system of nineteenth century Ireland. This is the first full biography and it draws on his diaries and other private papers. The authors tell of his beginnings as a pedlar in Ireland, his youth in Italy and his rise to a near-monopoly of transportation throughout his adopted country. His life spanned many important events including the Famine in the 1840s and he became a close friend of Daniel O’Connell. This book includes for example the following chapters: Pedlar and Gilder / Husband and Father / Mayor and Magistrate / The End of the Road etc.

Keywords: 19th Century, Irish History, Transportation

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Blácam, From A Gaelic Outpost. Blácam, Aodh De. From A Gaelic Outpost. With the printed dedication: “Respectfully inscribed to the Coarb of S. Eunan”. [And with the wonderful introductory sentence: “What ! – You were never in the Gaeltacht ? – never in the still Irish-speaking territory that fringes the Atlantic Coast ? – Then for you this book is written.”] First Edition. Dublin, Catholic Truth Society of Ireland, 1921. Small Octavo. XII, 106 pages. Original, illustrated Hardcover. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear. Beautiful publication with charming frontcover illustration. No stamps, no names, very clean.

Includes the following chapters: The Living Past / Home to the North / Heather Reading / The Schools of Tirconaill / Ideal Industrialism / An O’Connell Tale and a Note on Newman / Abroad and Back – A Remarkable Island – State / Turf, Talk and Celtic Revival / Portrait of an East Ulsterman / A Fenian Fragment /

Keywords: Gaeltacht, Irish History

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Bridget Boland - The Wild Geese, A Novel. Boland, Bridget. The Wild Geese. A Novel. London / Toronto, William Heinemann Ltd., 1938. 19.5cm x 13cm. 264 pages, including a map showing A Part of the Baronies of Iveragh, Dunkerron & Glanerought in the County of Kerry Original Hardcover (green cloth) without dustjacket. The binding with some darkening and slightly stained. Else in very good condition with only minor signs of wear. Inscribed and signed by Bridget Boland: “Going away present (alas) for the Goughs (possibly actor Michael Gough) – from Bridget B.”

The daughter of the Irish politician John Pius Boland and Eileen Querin Boland/ An Irish-British sceenwriter, playwright and novelist/ Born in London, Bridget Boland was educated at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Roehampton and at Oxford University, where she studied philosophy, politics, and economics, graduating B.A. in 1935/ In 1937 she became a film writer/ From 1941 to 1946 she served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, producing plays for the troops to boost morale.

Keywords: County Kerry, Inscribed, Irish History, Irish Literature, Signed

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Bond, 'Look To Your Front': Studies in The First World War. Bond, Brian / and others. ‘Look To Your Front’: Studies in The First World War. By the British Commission for Military History. Staplehurst, Spellmount Limited, 1999. 15cm x 23cm. VII, 183 pages. Original Softcover. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following essays: Liddell Hart and the First World War / The Transportation Mission to GHQ 1916 / Capital Courts-Martial during the Great War / Britain, France and the Belgian Army / Chemical Warfare in the First World War etc.

Keywords: Military History, World War I, World War One

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Boydell, Rotunda Music - In Eighteenth Century Dublin. Boydell, Brian. Rotunda Music – In Eighteenth Century Dublin. Blackrock (Dublin), Irish Academic Press, 1992. 16 cm x 24 cm. 240 pages. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket in protective Mylar. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following essays: Uncertainties and Rivalry 1750-58, The Sirens, Male Singers boys and Italians, A decade of consolidation and the building of the Rotunda 1759-68, The peak of popularity with Thomas Pinto 1776-82, and Music performed at the Rotunda concerts- changes in musical taste. Appendices include an Analysis of music performed 1771-91.

Keywords: Irish History, Military History, World War I, World War One

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Memoirs Of The Lives And Characters Of The Illustrious Family Of The Boyles [Boyle, Family] Budgell, Eustace. Memoirs Of The Lives And Characters Of The Illustrious Family Of The Boyle’s. Containing Many Curious Pieces Of English History The Whole Extracted From Original Papers And Manuscripts Dublin, J.Esdall, 1754. 17,3 cm x 11 cm. 268 pages. Original Hardcover. Good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Spine damaged. Bookblock tight and clean. Needs some attention from a bookbinder. Ex-libris label on pastedown.

Eustace Budgell (19 August 1686 – 4 May 1737) was an English writer and politician.
Born in St Thomas near Exeter, Budgell was educated at Oxford University. His cousin, the writer Joseph Addison, took him to Ireland and got him appointed to a lucrative office. However, when he lampooned the Viceroy, he lost his position.
Budgell assisted Addison with his magazine, The Spectator, writing 37 numbers signed X. In these he imitates Addison’s style with some success. Between 1715 and 1727, he represented Mullingar in the Irish House of Commons.
Budgell, who was vain and vindictive, fell on evil days; he lost a fortune in the South Sea Bubble and was accused of forging the will of Dr Matthew Tindal at the expense of his nephew, Nicolas Tindal. He committed suicide by throwing himself out of a boat at London Bridge. His suicide note famously said: “What Cato did, and Addison approved, cannot be wrong.” (Wikipedia).

The book is a collection of memoirs that document the exploits of one of the most charismatic and influential families in 16th and 17th century Irish history.

Keywords: Boyle, Family History, Family Names, Genealogy, Irish Family Names, Irish History

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Brady, Ulster An Illustrated History. Brady, C. (Editor) / O’Dowd, M. (Editor) / Walker, B. (Editor). Ulster – An Illustrated History. London, B.T. Batsford Ltd., 1989. 14 cm x 22 cm. 256 pages. With many photographs and maps. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear. Clean inside with solid binding.

Includes the following: Foreword by J.C. Beckett / Ulster before the Normans: ancient myth and early history Charles Doherty / Lordships and invasions: Ulster, 1177-1500 T.E. McNeill / Sixteenth-century Ulster and the failure of Tudor reform Ciaran Brady / Continuity and change: Ulster in the seventeenth century Raymond Gillespie / The political economy of linen: Ulster in the eighteenth century W. H. Crawford / Ulster society and politics, 1801-1921 Brian Walker / Northern Ireland: from birth pangs to disintegration, 1920-1972 Eamon Phoenix / Living with the troubles: Northern Ireland since 1972 David Harkness.

″During the present century, ‘Ulster’ has come to signify the six counties of present-day Northern Ireland. Historic Ulster, however was one of the four provinces of Ireland embracing in addition the counties of Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan. This concise account traces the long and varied history of the region, from the pre-Norman Celtic period to the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1986.

While Ulster through the centuries has in many ways developed in accordance with general Irish social, political and economic trends, it has also been subject to a number of special factors – Scots immigration, religious differences, the growth of its own distinctive industrial base – which have increasingly set it apart from the rest of the island. As a result, the history of the province is both intellectually problematic and politcally controversial.” (Publisher)

Keywords: History, Irish History, Northern Ireland, Ulster

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Brady, Up With The Times. Brady, Conor. Up With The Times. Dublin, Gill & Macmillan Ltd, 2005. Octavo. X, 286 pages with illustrations. Original hardcover with dustjacket in protective mylar. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

Includes the following contents:– Editor as Express Train Driver / First Lessons / Earlier Times / ‘It Sure Beats Honest Work’ / In and Out at The Irish Times / The Wider World / The North Went On / The Economy, the Economy, the Economy / The Growing Times etc.

″Conor Brady edited “The Irish Times” for sixteen years between 1986 and 2002. It was a period of extraordinary change both in Ireland and in the wider world. This book reveals with intriguing detail how the paper both managed and made the news during two turbulent decades. It tells of encounters, not all friendly, with politicians, such as Charles Haughey, Dick Spring, Albert Reynolds (who sued the paper serially), John Hume, Mary Robinson, Bertie Ahern and many others. It describes the meticulous investigations – and sometimes the crises of decision making – that preceded pivotal stories, including Bishop Casey, the X Case, the Lenihan tapes, the fall of Albert Reynolds and others. It addresses the personal and corporate tensions at the heart of Ireland’s longest-established national newspaper, while providing close insights into the working of modern media with an honest recognition of the good and bad that is contemporary journalism. “The Irish Times” has been at the centre of public life in Ireland for almost 150 years. It has been lauded as the mouthpiece of the establishment and decried as subversive of public order and morality. It has always been controversial. Conor Brady likens the job of editor of a national newspaper to being the driver of an express train: ‘There is no time to dwell on the wonders of the landscape or the novelty of the events that have just passed by.’ His account of editing “The Irish Times” is a frank and engaging journey to the heart of a great Irish institution”.(Amazon).

Keywords: 1986 -2002, Charles Haughey, Irish History, Newspaper, politicians

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