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Rynne, Technological Change in Anglo-Norman Munster. Rynne, Colin. Technological Change in Anglo-Norman Munster. Kinsale, Barryscourt Trust / Cork County Council / Gandon Editions, 1998. 17 cm x 24 cm. 31 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear. Signed by the author. [The Barryscourt Lectures III]

Includes for example the following sections: Introduction / Animal Power / Water Power / Wind Power / Grain Milling / Textiles – The Woollen Industry / Mining and Metalworking / Some Conclusions.

″The third in a series of bi-annual lectures delivered at Barryscourt Castle in Co Cork. The Anglo-Norman period in Munster can be characterised as one of remarkable economic growth. Agricultural development was advanced enough to enable the widespread use of water-powered grain mills amongst all levels of early Irish society. On the basis of the archaeological evidence for the use of water power before the Anglo-Norman settlement, Ireland could not be considered a technological backwater in the early medieval period. Yet, while Anglo-Norman settlers would have found that the native Irish were accomplished millwrights, they had their own distinctive contribution to make, laying, as they did, the seeds of future industrial development in Ireland. In this book, the author outlines the extent of Anglo-Norman settlers’ contribution to the development of industrial energy in Ireland, with special reference to the Munster area. A glossary of technical terms is provided in an appendix. “Continuing the excellent series of booklets from the Barryscourt Trust, we have here a clearly written, well-researched and beautifully illustrated paper by one of Ireland’s foremost authorities on medieval and post-medieval technology and industry … The scholar, student and interested reader alike will find this book both informative and accessible.” – Maurice F Hurley, Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society “The third lecture, by Colin Rynne, is a fine study based on the author’s own extensive research.” – Irish Historical Studies

Keywords: Industry, Irish History, Irish Interest, Irish landscape, Irish Local History, Munster, Signed, Technology

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