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Gailey, The Spade in Northern and Atlantic Europe. Gailey, Alan / Fenton, Alexander. [Eds]. The Spade in Northern and Atlantic Europe. [With a section: The Use of the Spade in Ireland] Belfast, Queen’s University / Ulster Folk Museum, 1970. 17.5 x 24.5cm. (13), 257 pages, with plates and figures. Original softcover. Excellent condition, other than fading to spine and front jacket.

Includes the following essays:
Bronze Age Spade Marks at Gwithian, Cornwall / Spades and Related Tools in Roman Britain / Notes on Medieval Spades / The Typology of the Irish Spade / The Use of the Spade in Ireland / The ‘Manks Spade’: a Reassessment / Spades in the Isle of Man / Faroese Cultivating and Peat Spades / Paring and Burning and Related Practices in the Southwestern Counties of England / The Paring and Burning Spade in Sweden / Cutting of Sod and Heather-Turf in Denmark / Cutting of Turf and Peat in Scotland / Peat and Turf in Ryedale in the Early Twentieth Century / Peat Spades in Western Norway / Slanes: Irish Peat Spades / Peat Cutting in Wales: a Socio-Technical System

Keywords: Agriculture, Denmark, Europe, Farming, Folk history, Ireland, Irish History, Norway, Rural Life, Scotland

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