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Akeroyd - The Wild Plants of Bere, Dursey, Whiddy and other Islands in Bantry Bay. Akeroyd, John / Wolstenholme, Leander / Poole, Jenna / Atkinson, Wendy / Flynn, Paul / Janouchova, Marketa / Plant, Caroline / Fisher, Jenny. The Wild Plants of Bere, Dursey, Whiddy and other Islands in Bantry Bay. Photography by Robbie Murphy. Sherkin Island, Sherkin Marine Station, 2013. 8°. 240 pages. Original, illustrated Softcover. Excellent, as new condition. Signed by the editor.

Includes: The Environment and History of the Islands / Climate / Geology and Soils / Glacial Drift / Soil types / Vegetation / History of native vegetation / Outline of plant communities / Flora / Human history, land ownership and land use / Prehistory to the Middle Ages / 16th to 19th centuries – Invaders and Landlords / Castles, forts and towers / Population changes in the 19th to 20th centuries / History of Botanical Exploration / Historical outline / The Work of Botanists from Sherkin Island Marine Station / The Islands / Bere / Dursey / Whiddy / Garinish (Garnish Island) / Systematic Plant List of Bere, Dursey & Whiddy and other Islands of Bantry Bay / Pteridophytes: Ferns and Fern allies / Gymnosperms: conifers / Angiosperms: flowering plants / Charophytes: stoneworts / References / Index of Scientific Names / Inneacs de hAinmneacha GAeilge / Index of English Names //

Keywords: Bantry, Bantry Bay, Botanik, Botany, County Cork, Flora, Ireland, Irish Botany, Irish Flora, Irish Natural History, West Cork

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Anonymous. Ilnacullin: An Illustrated Guide to the Gardens of Ilnaculnacullin (Garnish Island). Anonymous. Ilnacullin: An Illustrated Guide to the Gardens of Ilnaculnacullin (Garnish Island). Ireland, National Parks and Monuments Service, 1982. 15 cm x 20.5 cm. 36 pages. Original pamphlet. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following essays: Self-guiding trail / Plant lists / Map of Ilnacullin / Historical background / Development of the gardens etc.

Keywords: Glengarriff, Ireland, Irish Geography, Irish History, Irish Plants, Tourism, West Cork

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Corcoran, RTE and the Globalisation of Irish Television. Corcoran, Farrel. RTE and the Globalisation of Irish Television. Bristol and Portland, Intellect Ltd., 2004. 17.5 cm x 23 cm. 256 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear. Clean inside with solid binding.

Includes the following chapters: RTE Unsettled / Regulating Irish Broadcasting / Broadcasting and Government / The Economics of Broadcasting / Digital Television / Children and Television / The Difficult Birth of Irish Language Television / Globalisation etc.

″For about 40 years, RTE’s radio and television channels have played an enormous role in shaping Irish social and cultural life.

This work is a study of the structual transformation now taking place in Irish broadcasting. The book focuses on the television sector generally, but primarily on RTE, as it adjusts to a number of radical changes in the global field of forces whose impact began to accelerate in the mid-1990s.

RTE’s work is frequently shrouded in secrecy and mystique, which means that conspiracy theories abound about how it is governed and how it relates to various power centres in Irish life. This book is firmly aimed at increasing the transparency that should characterise public broadcasting, and demystifying this national institution that plays such an enormous role in the cultural and political life of Ireland.” (Publisher)

Keywords: 20th century, Broadcasting, Globalisation, Ireland, Irish History, Irish Interest, RTE, Television

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Corkery, The Threshold of Quiet. Corkery, Daniel. The Threshold of Quiet. Dublin, The Phoenix Publishing Company, no date (c.1940). 13 x 19 cm. 310 pages. Hardcover. Blue cloth with gilt lettering on the spine. Very good+ condition. Minor signs of edgewear and slight foxing.

Daniel Corkery (Irish: Dónall Ó Corcora; 14 February 1878 – 31 December 1964) was an Irish politician, writer and academic. He is unquestionably best known as the author of The Hidden Ireland, his 1924 study of the poetry of eighteenth-century Irish Language poets in Munster.
He was born in the city of Cork and educated at the Presentation Brothers and St. Patrick’s College of Education, Dublin where he trained as a teacher. He taught at schools in Cork but resigned from St Patrick’s School there in 1921 when he was refused the headmastership. He then taught art for the local technical education committee, before becoming inspector of Irish in 1925, and later Professor of English at University College Cork in 1930. Among his students were Frank O’Connor, Seán Ó Faoláin and Seán Ó Tuama. Corkery was often a controversial figure in academia for his ‘nativist’ views on Irish literature, views which resulted in conflict with many Irish Language scholars, most notably Pádraig de Brún and his niece Máire Mhac an tSaoi. Ó Tuama, however, was frequently a staunch defender of Corkery’s reputation.

In his late twenties he learnt Irish and this brought him into contact with leading members of the Irish Language revival movement, including Terence MacSwiney, T. C. Murray and Con O’Leary, with whom he founded the Cork Dramatic Society in 1908. His plays Embers and The Hermit and the King were performed by the society. Later plays were staged at the famous Abbey Theatre, including The Labour Leader (1919) and The Yellow Bittern (1920).

He was also a writer of short stories, including the collections A Munster Twilight (1916), The Hounds of Banba (1920), The Stormy Hills (1929), and Earth Out of Earth (1939), and a novel, The Threshold of Quiet (1917).

He also wrote non-fiction works, including The Hidden Ireland (1924), a highly influential work about the riches of eighteenth-century Irish poetry. In this he attempted to reconstruct a worldview preserved by Gaelic poets amongst the poor and oppressed Catholic peasantry of the Penal Laws era, virtually invisible in the Anglo-Irish tradition that had dominated the writing of Irish history. “An instant, influential classic”, wrote Patrick Walsh, “its version of the past provided powerful cultural underpinning to the traditional nationalist history that became, in the 1930s, the educational orthodoxy of the new state.” Daniel Corkery’s papers are held in the Boole Library of University College Cork. (Wikipedia)

Keywords: Cork, Cork Author, Cork City, Ireland, Irish Literature

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Duncannon, Crown Land Experimental Improvements and Cork and Kerry New Roads Duncannon, Lord Viscount / Adams, W.D. / Stephenson, B.C. [Commissioners of His Majesty’s Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Works and Buildings]. Crown Land Experimental Improvements and Cork and Kerry New Roads, Ireland – Relating to Experimental Improvements on the Crown Lands at King William’s Town [now Ballydesmond], in the Barony of Duhallow, in the County of Cork; and to the New Lines of Public Road in course of construction through the District in which the said Lands are situated, in the Counties of Cork and Kerry; for the purpose of encouraging the Employment of the Labouring Poor in similar Improvements on other Estates in Ireland. [With a large “Map of the New Roads through the Mountains between Castleisland in the county of Kerry, and Roskeen Bridge over the River Blackwater in the County of Cork: And also between Shanogh Cross on the Post Road from Killarney to Cork and Clonbanon in the County of Cork”. [Map from April 1834 by J. Bastre] First Edition of these Papers. Dublin, The Hous eof Commons, 1834. Folio. 68 pages with the large folded map of County Cork and seven (7) lithographed plans showing Designs of Houses and even Landscape Improvements Original Softcover (disbound). Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Keywords: Architecture, Cartography, County Cork, County Kerry, Design, Historical Town Planning Ireland, Ireland, Irish Map, Irish Maps, Map, Town Planning

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Fitzgerald, Down Paths of Gold: A Portrait of Cork Harbour's Southern Shore. Fitzgerald, Pat. Down Paths of Gold: A Portrait of Cork Harbour’s Southern Shore. Midleton, Litho Press, 1992. 14.5 cm x 20 cm. 272 pages. Original softcover including many colour photographs. Excellent condition with minor signs of external wear. Slightly bent corners and worn edges of cover. Inscription by preowner.

Includes for example the following essays: Introduction / The Americans at Aghada / In Times of Crisis / The Maritime History / A History of the Steamboat Services 1815-1932 / Fort Davis / Trabolgan / Rostelan / Corkbeg – An Island Paradise / The Villages of Aghada / One Second to Midnight ….-The Geology of this Area / The Place Names and Antiquities of Aghada / Archaeology of Aghada / The Wildlife of the Lower Harbour and Surrounding Areas / The History of Education in Aghada / Sport and Recreation.

″The story of one of Cork’s best loved areas: Trabolgan, Roches Point, Aghada, East Ferry, Whitegate and the rich tapestry of circumstances which shaped it; the U.S. Airbase, The British Forts, the Shipwrecks, the Great Demesne Houses, the villages and their people. Illustrated with color photographs.” (Amazon)

Keywords: Cork, Cork Harbour, East Cork, History, Ireland, Irish History, Irish Interest, Irish Local History

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Gailey, The Spade in Northern and Atlantic Europe. Gailey, Alan / Fenton, Alexander. [Eds]. The Spade in Northern and Atlantic Europe. [With a section: The Use of the Spade in Ireland] Belfast, Queen’s University / Ulster Folk Museum, 1970. 17.5 x 24.5cm. (13), 257 pages, with plates and figures. Original softcover. Excellent condition, other than fading to spine and front jacket.

Includes the following essays:
Bronze Age Spade Marks at Gwithian, Cornwall / Spades and Related Tools in Roman Britain / Notes on Medieval Spades / The Typology of the Irish Spade / The Use of the Spade in Ireland / The ‘Manks Spade’: a Reassessment / Spades in the Isle of Man / Faroese Cultivating and Peat Spades / Paring and Burning and Related Practices in the Southwestern Counties of England / The Paring and Burning Spade in Sweden / Cutting of Sod and Heather-Turf in Denmark / Cutting of Turf and Peat in Scotland / Peat and Turf in Ryedale in the Early Twentieth Century / Peat Spades in Western Norway / Slanes: Irish Peat Spades / Peat Cutting in Wales: a Socio-Technical System

Keywords: Agriculture, Denmark, Europe, Farming, Folk history, Ireland, Irish History, Norway, Rural Life, Scotland

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Glebe, Wandlungen in der Kulturlandschaft und Agrargesellschaft im Kleinfarmgebi Glebe, Günther. Wandlungen in der Kulturlandschaft und Agrargesellschaft im Kleinfarmgebiet der Beara- und Iveragh-Halbinsel/Südwestirland. Düsseldorf, Geographische Institut der Universität Düsseldorf, 1977. 17 x 24cm. 310 Seiten mit zahlreichen Abbildungen und 6 Faltkarten. Softcover / Originale Broschur. Sehr guter Zustand, nur minimal bestossen. Düsseldorfer Geographische Schriften (Heft 6).

Entlhält u.a. – Der Naturraum / Die historichen Grundzüge eines Verharrungsraumes / Agrarverfassung und Besitzerverhältnisse in der Phase der Grundherrenherrschaft um die Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts / Wandlungen in der Agrarverfassung durch die staatliche Agrargesetzgebung im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert / Wandlungen im agrarsozialen Geflüge unter Einfluß der Entvölkerung zwischen 1850 und 1946 / Wandlungen im ländlichen Flur- und Siedlungsgefüge / Bevölkerung / Die Landwirtschaft – Struktur und jüngere Wandlungen / Struktur und Wandel in der Viehwirtschaft / Die agrarsozialen Strukturen auf der Beara- und Iveragh-Halbinsel / Die Folgerscheinungen des demographischen und sozialen Wandels in der Kulturlandschaft / Maßnahmen und Möglichkeiten zur Verbesserung der Wirtschaftsstruktur im Kleinfarmgebiet der Beara und Iveragh

Keywords: Agrarwirtschaft, Beara, Beara Peninsula, Geographie, Ireland, Irish Agriculture, Irish History, Kulturlandschaften, Small Farm Area West Cork, West Cork

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Gwynn, Munster. Gwynn, Stephen / Williams, Alexander (illustrations). Munster. London and Glasgow, Black & Son Limited, No date (1946). 15 cm x 22.5 cm. 62 pages. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket in protective Mylar. Excellent condition with minor signs of external wear. Some spotting on page edges. Worn corners on dustjacket. [Beautiful Ireland]

“Stephen Lucius Gwynn (13 February 1864 – 11 June 1950) was an Irish journalist, biographer, author, poet and Protestant Nationalist politician. As a member of the Irish Parliamentary Party he represented Galway city as its Member of Parliament from 1906 to 1918. He served as a British Army officer in France during World War I and was a prominent proponent of Irish involvement in the Allied war effort.[1] He founded the Irish Centre Party in 1919, but his moderate nationalism was eclipsed by the growing popularity of Sinn Fein.

After graduating he spent ten years from 1886 tutoring as a schoolmaster, for a time in France, which created a lifelong interest in French culture, as expressed in his Praise of France (1927). By 1896 he had developed an interest in writing, becoming a writer and journalist in London focused on English themes, until he came into contact with the emerging Irish literary revival, when he served as secretary of the Irish Literary Society.

This was the beginning of a long and prolific career as a writer covering a wide range of literary genres, from poetry and biographical subjects to general historical works. The eighteenth century was his particular specialism. He wrote numerous books on travel and on the topography of his own homeland, as well as on his other interests: wine, eighteenth-century painting and fishing.

Gwynn returned to Ireland in 1904 when he entered politics. In a by-election in November 1906 he won a seat for Galway Borough, which he represented as a member of the Irish Parliamentary Party until 1918. During this period he was active in the Gaelic League and was one of the few Irish MPs to have close links to the Irish literary revival. Along with Joseph Maunsel Hone and George Roberts he founded the Dublin publishing house of Maunsel and Company. He was opposed to the demand for Irish as a compulsory subject for matriculation. He supported the campaign which won the establishment of a Catholic university when he served on the Irish University Royal Commission in 1908. During the debate on the third Home Rule Bill, Gwynn at the request of his party leader John Redmond wrote The case for Home Rule (1911) and was in charge of much of the party’s official publicity and its replies to criticism from Sinn Féin.” (Wikipedia)

Keywords: Ireland, Irish History, Munster, Travel, Travels

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Mersey, The Hills of Cork & Kerry. Mersey, Richard. The Hills of Cork & Kerry. Photographs by Bernd Thee. Dublin, Gill and Macmillan, 1987. 15.5 cm x 22 cm. 160 pages. With many photographs and maps. Original softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Clean inside with solid binding.

Includes for example the following: Beara’s Island / Beara West of the Castletown Road / Beara between the Castletown Road and the Healy Pass / Beara between the Healy Pass and the Kenmare-Glengariff Road / Beara to the East of the Glengariff Road , Iveragh’s Islands / The Dunkerron Range / The Mangerton Range / MacGillycuddy’s Reeks / The Glenbeigh Horseshoe / Knownadobar / Dingle’s Islands / Dingle west of Brandon / Brandon / Dingle to Inch / The Slieve Mish Mountains etc.

″The hills of south-west Ireland are higher than any in England and cover a greater area. They are wild and undocumented with no established tracks and few cairns. It is here that Richard Mersey has walked for over forty years. The Hills of Cork and Kerry is his personalized guidebook… Accompanied by Berned Thee’s superb photographs, specially commissioned for the book, this is a guide which opens up the beauty and mystery of this remarkable area for the first time.” (Publisher)

Keywords: Cork, Hillwalking, Ireland, Irish History, Kerry, Munster, Walking

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