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Celtic Christianity

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Edwards, The Archaeology of Medieval Ireland. Edwards, Nancy. The Archaeology of Medieval Ireland. London, Routledge, 2000. 19 cm x 24.5 cm. 226 pages. Original softcover. Very good condition with minor signs of external wear. A few underlined or highlighted passages. Inscription by preowner.

Includes for example the following essays: Ringforts: Terminology and classification / Souterrains / Ring-forts in the landscape / Crannogs: Origins and chronology / Knowth and Clogher / Climate, soils and vegetation / Crop husbandry / Hunting, fishing and gathering / Pottery / Wood / Leather / Bone, antler and horn / Enamel and glass / Stone and related material / Ogham stones / Large ecclesiastical sites / Small ecclesiastical sites and hermitages / Church architecture / Ornamental metalwork / Illuminated manuscripts / Stone sculpture etc.

″In the first major work on the subject for over 30 years, Nancy Edwards provides a critical survey of the archaeological evidence in Ireland (c. 400-1200), introducing material from many recently discovered sites as well as reassessing the importance of earlier excavations. Beginning with an assessment of Roman influence, Dr Edwards then discusses the themse of settlement, food and farming, craft and technology, the church and art, concluding with an appraisal of the Viking impact.

The archaeological evidence for the period is also particularly rich and wide-ranging and our knowledge is expanding repidly in the light of modern techniques of survey and excavation.”(Amazon)

Keywords: Archaeology, Celtic Christianity, Church History, Irish Interest, Irish landscape

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