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Spike Island

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Brunicardi, Haulbowline, Spike and Rocky Islands in Cork Harbour. Brunicardi, Niall. Haulbowline, Spike and Rocky Islands in Cork Harbour. 2nd Edition. Fermoy, Eigse Books, 1982. 15 cm x 21 cm. 58 pages. Original softcover pamphlet. Excellent condition with minor signs of external wear. Contains a few notes by preowner in pencil, and a few underlinings or highlighted lines.

Includes for example the following essays: Navel Strategy and Seaward Defence – Growth of a Naval and Commercial Port / The Name of Haulbowline / A Fort is built / Confederate and Williamite Wars / Yachting in Cork Harbour / A Fatal Duel on Haulbowline / The Ordnance Side / Famine Years / Constabulary Barracks / First World War / Government Land Acquisition / Haulbowline Industries / Irish Steel / 18th Century Spike /Vallancey’s Plan / Spike as a Prison / John Patrick Leonard / Ellen Horgan, 1903 – 1908 / Caputre of ‘Upnor’ / Spike and Haulbowline Schools / Irish Steel Limited etc.

Keywords: Cork, Cork Harbour, Irish History, Irish Interest, Irish Islands, Irish Local History, Spike Island

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