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Macalister, The Archaeology of Ireland. Macalister, Robert. The Archaeology of Ireland. London, Bracken Books, 1996. 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm. XIII, 386 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition with minor signs of external wear. Browning of page edges. Clean inside with intact binding.

Includes the following chapters: Before the First Immigrations / The Earliest Immigrants / Baltic and Iberian Immigrants. The Later Beachcombers / Megaliths, their Classification and Chronology / The Protomegalithic Culture / The Deuteromegalithic Culture / The Epimegalithic Culture / The Inflitrations of Iron / Defences and Dwellings / The Background of the Transition to Christianity.

″Ireland’s extraordinarily rich past bears traces of the Celts, of Norse invaders and of early Christianity. But what do we know of its earliest history? The key to Ireland’s remote past – the times before records began – lies interred in its loamy soils, awaiting discovery. It is the unique archive left by a succession of peoples and racs of the continuous settlement of Ireland, from the Stone Age to the present” (Publisher)

Keywords: Archaeology, Irish History, Megalithic, Prehistory, Stone Age

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Shee, Clonmel: An Architectural Guide. Shee, Elizabeth / Watson, S.J. Clonmel: An Architectural Guide. Dublin, An Taisce, 1975. 14 cm x 20 cm. 63 pages including photographs and illustrations. Original softcover pamphlet. Excellent condition with minor signs of external wear. Small creases on front cover. Some minor wear at corners and on back cover. Clean inside with intact staple binding.

Includes for example the following: Preface / The Arms of Clonmel / The Historical Development of Clonmel / Walls of Clonmel / Lanes / Old St. Mary’s Church / Main Guard (Former Palatinate Court) / Franciscan Friary / Quays / Court House and Town Hall / Wesleyan Methodist Church and Scots Church / Silver Spring (former Charter School) / Hearn’s Hotel / SS Peter’s and Paul’s Church and Sisters of Charity Convent / Gurteen megalithic tomb / Ringforts and Norman motes / Tower Houses / Churches / Donaghmore / Inishounaght / Kilsheelan Church etc.

Keywords: Clonmel, Irish History, Irish Interest, Irish Local History, Megalithic, Tipperary

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