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Ancient History

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Laing, The Archaeology of Celtic Britain and Ireland, C. AD 400 - 1200. Laing, Lloyd. The Archaeology of Celtic Britain and Ireland, C. AD 400 – 1200. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2006. 19 cm x 25 cm. XIV, 406 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition with very minor signs of external wear.

Includes the following chapters: Introduction: Who were the Celts? / The Celtic world / Settlements / Farming / Everyday objects and equipment / Industry and technology / Trade and communications / Clothes and jewellry / Art and ornament / The church / South-western Britain / Wales / Ireland and the Isle of Man / Southern Scotland and northern England / Northern Scotland / Epilogue: The end of Celtic Britain and Ireland.

″The image of the Celt is one of the most emotive in the European past, evoking pictures of warriors, feasts, and gentle saints and scholars. This comprehensive and fully-illustrated book, first published in 2006, re-appraises the archaeology of the Celtic-speaking areas of Britain and Ireland from the late fourth to the twelfth century AD, a period in which the Celts were a leading cultural force in northern Europe. Drawing on recent scientific advances, the book provides a new perspective on the economy, settlement, material culture, art and technological achievements of the early medieval Celts and re-examines their interaction with the Romans and Vikings. Including a full survey of artefacts and archaeological sites, from memorial stones to monasteries, this is essential reading for any student or scholar with an interest in Celtic archaeology, history or culture.” (Amazon)

Keywords: Ancient History, Archaeology, British History, Celtic History, Celts, Irish History, Irish Interest, Isle of Man, Scotland

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