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Library Graham Parkes

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Wölfflin, Principles of Art History - the problem of the development of style in later art. Wölfflin, Heinrich. Principles of Art History – the problem of the development of style in later art. New York, Dover Publications Inc., 1929, 15.5 cm x 23 cm, IX, 237 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. From the library of philosopher Graham Parkes, with his name on the front free endpaper. Some erasable light pencil underlining and notation in places.

Seventh edition. Translated by M. D. Hottinger.
Includes for example: Linear and Painterly / Plane and Recession / Closed and Open Form / Sculpture / Architecture etc. etc.

What are the fundamental differences between classic and baroque? Is there a pattern underlying the seemingly helterskelter development of art in different culture and times? What causes our entirely different emotional reactions to, say, Durer and Rembrandt? The author provides an objective set of criteria to answer these and related questions. Examining style, quality, mode of representation in terms of five opposed dynamisms: the linear vs. the painterly; plane vs. recession; closed vs. open form; multiplicity vs. unity; clearness vs. unclearness. The author analyzes the work of 64 major artists, as well as sculpture and architecture. 150 illustrations of the work of Botticelli, van Cleve, Dürer, Holbein, Brueghel, Bouts, Hals, Rembrandt, Velasquez, Titian, Vermeer and 55 others accompany brilliant contributions to the methodology of art criticism. Whether you teach art, study it, or want to understand it purely for your own enjoyment, this epoch-making study will increase your comprehension of and pleasure in the world’s great art treasures. (Amazon)

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