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Women in Art

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Bewick- Seven Ages Bewick, Pauline. Seven Ages. First Edition. Galway, Arlen House, 2006. 22.5 x 22.5 cm. 312 pages. Original softcover. Illustrated on the front and back. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Signed by Pauline Bewick on titlepage.

This is a comprehensive catalogue of the Waterford, Kerry and Travelling Collections of the artist. Her works from 1938 at the age of two and a half to 2006 are beautifully illustrated and arranged in chronological order. Her work covers time spent in Wales, Ireland, England as well as journeys to the South Seas and Tuscany. In 2005 she donated a major collection of her paintings to the State. Many of the pages of illustrations have a personal comment or explanation by the artist herself. Examples include: ‘John Mulcahy, editor of Hibernia, commissioned a cover for International Woman’s Year 1975. I did two sketches, followed by the lino cut he used.’ , ‘The Yellow Man decides to visit Siena. He washes and cuts his nails.’, ‘Life around Rossbeigh, Killarney and the Lakes was gouged out of scrap battleship lino bought in a coal-yard in Dublin. The high heel marks dictated where to cut.’, ‘Another ‘waiting’ for something to happen still life.’, ‘Designs for Alan Simpson and Carolyn Swift of the tiny Pike Theatre in Herbert Lane.’, ‘Pat read aloud to me then, as he still does to this day.’ etc.

Pauline Bewick now lives and works in County Kerry, where she spent some of her childhood on a farm. She is a descendant of 19th-century artist Thomas Bewick.
A prolific artist, Bewick paints in oil, sculpts, and works with cloth, but is most associated with watercolours. For the last decade or so she has been working on her Yellow Man project, a large collection of works featuring a cartoon-like yellow horned figure. In 2006 she donated a collection of 200 works including tapestries, wall hangings, watercolours and sketches to the state, now on permanent display in the Walton Building at the Waterford Institute of Technology and in the Killorglin Library, Co. Kerry. (Wilkipedia).

Keywords: Irish Art, Woman, Woman Artist, Women Artists, Women in Art

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