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[Brancusi, Brancusi. A Study of the Sculpture. [Brancusi, Constantin] Geist, Sidney. Brancusi. A Study of the Sculpture. New York, Grossman Publishers, 1968. 23 cm x 14 cm. 247 pages. With many black-and-white illustrations throughout the book. Original Hardcover. Binding stained !! From the library of dutch fashion designer Frans Molenaar.

Includes for example the following essays: The life / The sculpture / Reflections etc etc.

Constantin Brâncusi (February 19, 1876 – March 16, 1957) was a Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer who made his career in France. Considered a pioneer of modernism, one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th-century, Brâncusi is called the patriarch of modern sculpture. As a child he displayed an aptitude for carving wooden farm tools. Formal studies took him first to Bucharest, then to Munich, then to the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1905 to 1907. His art emphasizes clean geometrical lines that balance forms inherent in his materials with the symbolic allusions of representational art. Brâncusi sought inspiration in non-European cultures as a source of primitive exoticism, as did Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, André Derain and others. But other influences emerge from Romanian folk art traceable through Byzantine and Dionysian traditions. (Wikipedia).

Keywords: Art, Frans Molenaar Collection, Sculpture

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