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O'Brien, Macroom: A Chronicle, No. 1. O’Brien, Barry. Macroom: A Chronicle, No. 1. Macroom, Barry O’Brien, 1990. 15.5 cm x 22 cm. 60 pages including photographs and illustrations. Original softcover pamphlet. Excellent condition with minor signs of external wear. Slightly grubby cover. Clean inside with intact staple binding.

Includes the following sections: Foreword / The Sweet Town of Macroom / Macroom in the 1870s / A Canal from Cork to Macroom / Macroom in 1927 / The Townland of Mashanaglas / Cill na Martra in Ancient Muskerry / The Streets and Lanes of Macroom / Carrigaphooca Castle / Brian Boru and Bealach Leachta / Commemorating An t-Athair Peadar O’Laoghaire / Edward ‘Togher’ Casey, All-Ireland Champion / The demise of Codrum house / Con ‘Knockie’ Cronin, Honorary Life President / Two Classical Schools in the 1800’s / The Castle Demesne / Acknowledgements.

Keywords: Cork, Irish History, Irish Interest, Irish Local History, Macroom, West Cork

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O'Mahony, From West Cork to Anjou. O’Mahony, Denis. From West Cork to Anjou. Experiences of a West Cork Boy in War-time France. Skibbereen, Denis O’Mahony, 2002. 15 cm x 21 cm. 149 pages. Original softcover. Very good condition with some minor signs of wear to the dustjacket.

Includes for example the following essays: My Origins and Childhood / Angers and its Surrounding Area / The Irish Colony in Angers / A Gestapo Raid / Royal Air Force Raids / Les Bretons / Jews and Freemasons / Wartime Atrocities / Liberation of Angers / Belfast / Appendix 1: De Gaulle / Appendix 2: Petain etc.

″A frank, whimsical, sometimes moving, real life account of the extraordinary situations in which a young boy form West Cork found himself when taken to France at the age of four. The account deals with his life in Angers adapting to the French education system and his meetings with French families. his unusual and not unpleasant upbringing received a jolt with the outbreak of the war in 1939 when trips to Ireland ceased. There followed in rapid succession the phoney war, the German invasion and the increasing repression under Nazi control when his home did not escape being raided by the Gestapo. Included are insights on Petain and De Gaulle, encounters with the Breton nationalist leadership and the fate of the Jewish community. With the Liberation, there is the special insight gained by the author through his role as interpreter for the American authorities in Angers. Later there followed a month as a guest at the Irish Hospital in St Lo, where Samuel Beckett had earlier played his part (though they never met). An interesting and lighthearted account of seven years in Belfast rounds off the story.” (Amazon)

Keywords: Irish History, West Cork, World War II, World War Two

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Ospina - West Cork Inspires. Ospina, Alison. West Cork Inspires. With photography by Roland Paschhoff. Ammanford, Stobart Davies Limited, 2011. 4°. 175 pages. Original Hardcover with dustjacket. Excellent – as new – condition. Signed by the author.

During the 1960s and the following decades a significant number of artists and craftspeople began moving to West Cork, following their dream of a simple life in an unspoilt landscape. They were attracted to West Cork in particular by the stunning landscapes and low property prices but as the creative community grew, it became an attraction in its own right. For a brief period, a rare combination of circumstances existed in the region which facilitated the growth of arts and crafts in West Cork and gained the region a glowing reputation for its unique culture, combining a laid back life style with traditional country living. West Cork Inspires tells the story of the creative community in West Cork and profiles twenty-two of its most outstanding protagonists.

Alison Ospina lives in The Wooden House with her husband José, near Skibbereen, in the heart of West Cork. Through her work as a green wood chair maker, she has become deeply fascinated by the exceptional work created by outstanding craftspeople in the region. Alison is a member of the West Cork Craft and Design Guild and has previously written Green Wood Chairs Chairs and Chair Makers of Ireland.

Keywords: Art, Arts & Crafts, Arts & Crafts Movement, Books / Art, Irish Art, West Cork

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[Somerville, The Selected Letters of Somerville and Ross. [Somerville, Edith / Martin, Violet / Ross, Martin] Lewis, Gifford. The Selected Letters of Somerville and Ross. Edited by Gifford Lewis. Foreword by Molly Keane. London / Boston, Faber & Faber, 1989. Octavo. XXX, 308 pages. With 18 illustrations. Original Hardcover with illustrated dustjacket in protective collector’s Mylar. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Some mild foxing to edges.

Includes for example: The Somerville Family Tree / The Violet Martin Family Tree / etc.

Keywords: Castletownshend, Irish Literature, Somerville & Ross, West Cork

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Sylvia Warren, Her People and Their Places. [Somerville, Edith] Warren, Margaret Thomas. Sylvia Warren – Her People and Their Places. Dublin, Ashfield Publishing Services, 2003. 23.8cm x 17cm. 169 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear. Out-of-Print / Rare.

Includes for Example: Sylvia Warren, Bayard’s captivating aunt/ John and Margaret Warren left the village of Nayland in Suffolk, England in 1630, when Charles I was King of England/ their voyage to Massachusetts with John Winthrop in the ship “Arbella”/ childhood of Sylvia Warren/ army nurse/ Bohemia Manor at Mattapoisett/ Irish connections/ Christmas at River Bend/ 1947 – the kennels/ last years/ first American ancestors 1630, The Warrens/ James Asheton Bayard/ John Warren & Susanna Grout Warren/ Samuel Dennis Warren I/ Susan Cornelia Warren – the art collector/ Samuel Dennis Warren II/ Karlstein/ Mabel Bayard Warren/ a note on Henri Matisse/ Henry Clarke Warren/ Warren House/ Cornelia Lyman Warren/ The Maze/ Cedar Hill/ Edward Perry Warren/ History of Lewes House/ life at Lewes House/ Ned Warren – the collector/ Fiske Warren, whose sister-in-law, Mollie Osgood, married Erskine Childers/ Fiske’s daughter, Rachel, married Erskine Childer’s nephew, Robert Barton/ her friends included Edith Somerville and Gillian Lobkowic – both from Castletownshend, Co. Cork. Margaret Thomas Warren lived in Edith Somerville’s house in Castletownshend (after her death)/ the “R.M. Stories”, and “The Real Charlotte”, (considered by many to be one of the best novels of the nineteenth century) amongst others/ Sylvia and Edith were horse lovers and rode to hounds/ Edith with West Carbery and Sylvia with the Norfolk Hunt/ to win a hunt Sylvia once hunted wearing only a bathing suit/ Sylvia gave Edith money when shee needed it/ first visit to Castletownshend in 1936, renting Point House, where Edith’s brother, Admiral Boyle Somerville, had been murdered in March of that year/ she came again in 1939, renting Kate Carolan’s house/ became firm friends with her landlady and Mike Hurley, Edith Somerville’s huntsman/ became friends with Mary Ann, owner of Mary Ann’s pub (this pub celebrated its 150th birthday in 1996/ Margaret Osgood Warren/ The Sargent Portrait/ Warren genealogy/ Bayard Genealogy/

Includes photographs of: Lady Hildegarde Coghill, Dr. Edith Somerville and Sylvia Warren at the Clonakilty Horse Show, Co. Cork, August 1936/ The West Carbery Foxhounds, 1908, with Edith Somerville and Michael Hurnley, her friend/ Main Street, Castletownshend, with the Two Trees/ Simon Bonham Carter/ David Gray, Ambassador to Ireland/ Dame Ethel Smyth, another friend of Sylvia’s in Castletownhend, famous composer and infamously a lesbian/ Ediths’s sister’s dog, Porgy/ tennis, teas of cream and butter and sugary cakes, / 1939, war broke out, Bayard died in October/ 1940, the Warren Committee was formed etc.

Keywords: Castletownshend, Irish History, West Cork

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St Fachtna's Past Pupils' Union. A Vision Fulfilled. St Fachtna’s Past Pupils’ Union. A Vision Fulfilled. A Skibbereen School 1846-1996. Skibbereen, St Fachtna’s Past Pupils’ Union, 1996. 8°. 92 pages with several illustrations. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following essays: The National School System 1831-1996 / The Girls’ National School 1847-60 / The New Convent School 1860 / A Glimpse of the Early Textbooks / The Skibbereen Committee of Technical Instruction / The Class of 1946 – Where are they now? / De La Salle All-Ireland Champions 1991 etc.

Keywords: Irish History, Skibbereen, West Cork

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Time Traveller's Bookshop. The Time Traveller - Rare Books & Modern Thought Tešan, Jesenko / Geden, Matthew / O’Sullivan, Michael / Prior, Niamh / Smyth, Nicola J. / Smyth, Madlyn Erin / Tangney, John / Walsh, Ann / Nix, Eddy / White, Christian / Reiyia, Nelson Ole / O’Mahony, Alfie / Breinlich, Klaus / Wronoski, John / Carey, Stan / Dwyer, James / Haubold, Christian (Photographer) / Coughlan, Stuart (Graphic Design) / Smyth, Holger (Editor). The Time Traveller – Rare Books & Modern Thought – An Independent Magazine for Independent Minds – Volume I, No. 1. First Edition. Skibbereen, The Time Traveller Press, 2016. Folio. 144 pages with colour illustrations throughout. Original Softcover. ISSN 2009-9576 Excellent, new condition. Specialist Magazine with essays and reviews on forgotten books and authors combined with antiquarian book – catalogue.

The inaugural edition of this quarterly Magazine includes essays and reviews on forgotten and rare books as well as interesting authors: Essays: Jesenko Tesan – Music is Word – On the gestures of music (Appreciating Theodor W. Adorno’s ‘Philosophy of Modern Music’) / Essay: Matthew Geden – Desmond O’Grady – A Full Life / Review by John Tangney: Rainer Maria Rilke – ‘Letters to a Young Poet’ / Review by Niamh Prior: Robert Frost – ‘Aforesaid’ / Review by Matthew Geden: Eugenio Montale – ‘New Poems’ (1976 Edition) / Review by Ann Walsh: Sir Thomas Overbury – ‘His Wife” (1631 Edition) / Alfie O’Mahony – Biographical Sketch of irish socialist philosopher William Thompson / Essay: Idea & Impact – Holger Smyth – On the sharing of Wealth – West Cork philosopher William Thompson and his influence on socialist thought / Essay: Idea & Impact – Nelson Ole Reiyia – Using Business in Maasai-Land to drive change / Essay: Nicola Smyth – The Most Dangerous Library / Essay: Madlyn Smyth – A Lost Kind of Education / How to run your own independent bookshop / Column: Dr.Christian White – Shakespeare in my Life / Essay: Michael O’Sullivan – Johannes Scottus Eriugena / Essay: Eddy Nix – Bookshop and Community: Community at the Heart of a Bookstore / Introducing Specialist Book Dealers – Essay: Klaus Breinlich – ‘The Statutes of the Realm’ / Essay: John Wronoski – The Past is Now – Travels in Borges’s Uqbar / Provenance – Essay – Marc O’Sullivan – Frans Molenaar / Robinson Crusoe in Kinsale / Studio Talk: Chester Beatty’s Internet – The Studio – Art Nouveau Magazine / Samuel Roth’s ‘Two Worlds Monthly – A piracy attempt on Ulysses and The Consequences / John Carter & Percy H. Muir – Printing and the Mind of Man (PMM) – The Impact of Print on Five Centuries of Western Civilization from Gutenberg to Churchill / Essay: Stan Carey – The Samuel Johnson Notes – ‘A very nice word’ / Essay: James Dwyer – ‘He Tarzan … Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of the Jungles of Science Fiction’ / Review: James Dwyer – ‘Edgar Rice Burroughs – ‘Escape on Venus’ /

Keywords: Books on Books, Chester Beatty, Chester Beatty Library, Desmond O'Grady, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Essay, Eugenio Montale, Frans Molenaar, Irish History, Johannes Scottus Eriugena, Jorge Luis Borges, Joyce, Maasai, Maasai Mara, Rainer Maria Rilke, Robert Frost, Robinson Crusoe, Samuel Roth, Shakespeare, Social History, Socialism, Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno, Thomas Overbury, West Cork, William Thompson

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