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Edwar al-Kharrat - City of Saffron. Al-Kharrat, Edwar. City of Saffron. Translated and Introduced by Frances Liardet. First Edition in english language. London/New York, Quartet Books, 1989. 8°. XIV, 174 pages. Original Hardcover with illustrated dustjacket. Small stain on edge. Besides this stain in excellent condition.

Edwar al-Kharrat (born 16 March 1926) is an Egyptian novelist, writer and critic. He was born in Alexandria to a Coptic Christian family. He studied law at Alexandria University and worked briefly in banking and insurance. He was also actively engaged in left-wing politics and spent two years in jail from 1948–50. He moved to Cairo in the mid-1950s where he worked for a time as a translator at the Romanian embassy.

Al-Kharrat has been described as "one of Egypt's most influential fiction writers" and "one of the most important writers in the Arab world". He was a leading figure among the group of Egyptian writers known as the Sixties Generation, and founded and edited the literary journal Gallery 68, considered to be the mouthpiece of that generation. In this role, al-Kharrat promoted and disseminated the works of such writers as Sonallah Ibrahim, Bahaa Taher, Ibrahim Aslan, Yahya Taher Abdullah, and Gamal al-Ghitani. He also had a lengthy association with the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO) and the Afro-Asian Writers’ Association, and edited Lotus, a journal of African and Arabic literature.

As a writer, his first book was a collection of short stories called High Walls, published in 1958/59. Two more volumes of stories came out in the 1970s. Also in 1979, his first novel Rama and the Dragon was published to widespread critical acclaim. A "daringly experimental" work, Rama has been called "a breakthrough for the Arab novel". Al-Kharrat himself described the novel as "untranslatable", although an English translation was completed by Ferial Ghazoul and John Verlenden and published by the AUC Press in 2002 after winning the 1999 Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature. The Arab Writers Union ranked Rama at 8th in its list of the 100 best Arabic novels.

Al-Kharrat has also translated a number of foreign literary works into Arabic, including Tolstoy's War and Peace. He has won several prestigious literary awards including the Sultan al-Owais Prize and the Naguib Mahfouz Medal. He was invited to St Antony's College, Oxford in 1979 as a visiting scholar and has participated in numerous cultural festivals, including the London Literature Festival in 1999. (Wikipedia)

Keywords: Egyptian Literature

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Bufalino, Blind Argus or The Fables of Memory. Bufalino, Gesualdo / Creagh, Patrick (translator). Blind Argus or The Fables of Memory. London, Harvill, 1989. 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm. 175 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following: Playbill of purposes. Chapter zero / The author, to gladden his thoughts, recalls the old delights of love, and labours lost, in a place that exists no longer / First Aside. The author's first doubts concerning the book he is writing. / Spying from a high window. Leter to Angel Archangel. Galfo as his own second. Disquisition on anonymous letters etc.

"From Italian writer Bufalino (Lies of the Night, 1991): a rich feast of a novel that--with just the right mix of poignancy and comedy--details one golden summer's gift of love to a man whose youth had been spent amidst mud and blood. The narrator decides, now that he's old, to write a ``happy book'' about the summer he spent as a 30-ish high-school teacher in a town on the Sicilian coast--a time when he was ``twenty reborn'' and ``convalescent in the sun,'' enjoying that summer's gift to him, a gift owed him because of the war. Eager to love and forget, even if only for a month or two, he describes how he first falls in love with tempestuous Maria Venera, granddaughter of Don Alvise Salibba, one of the town's last aristocrats, who lives in a crumbling palazzo. Nonagenarian Don Alvise is a ``splendour of a fellow with the gift of the gab'' who loves to tell ``cynical, titillating yarns.'' The narrator's love is briefly shaken when Maria tells him she's pregnant by another man and asks him to help her get an abortion. Still obsessed with her beauty, he has a brief but intense affair with the discarded mistress of a local magnate, flirts with former pupils, and daydreams. But when his close friend becomes betrothed and Maria runs off with a French filmmaker, he realizes that all he's done is ``play-act love.'' The summer ends with his transfer, and now, years later, dying in Rome, he wonders whether ``memory behaves as the body does when confronted with an onslaught of microbes--a defence force isolates the most dangerous, and leaves them immortal but inert within us.'' These ``golden moments'' we resuscitate later in writing--that ``prosthesis of living.'' Witty, wise, and ebulliently literate: a modern fable about the tricks that love and memory play on us" (Kirkus Reviews)

Keywords: 20th Century, Italian, Italian Culture, Italian Literature, Novel, Sicily

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Eco, Baudolino. Eco, Umberto / Lozano Miralles, Helena (trans). Baudolino. Spanish edition. Barcelona, Editorial Lumen, 2001. Octavo. 348 pages. Original hardcover with dustjacket. Excellent condition.

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Eco, Baudolino. Eco, Umberto. Baudolino. Third impression. Milan, Romanzo Bompiani, 2000. 15.5 x 22cm. 526 pages. Original hardcover with dustjacket in protective Mylar. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of shelf wear to dustjacket.

Umberto Eco's novel, set during the sack of Constantinople in 1204, derives from Boccaccio its form of stories told during a crisis, but has things in common also with the fabulating fantasy of Calvino's Imaginary Cities. It is the life-history of Baudolino, a self-confessed liar, told to the Byzantine historian Niketas Choniates. It is fiction - Eco's, Baudolino's, tall-storytellers' of the ancient world - woven into the history of the fourth crusade. At the centre of the novel is a brilliant conceit about how the human mind makes up its world. It is an examination of the deep need for explanatory stories - myths, fables, chronicles, family traditions, science - and works in codes and layers that resemble the medieval methods of biblical interpretation as much as modern semiotics. [From The Guardian]

Keywords: Italian, Italian Authors, Italian Literature

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Goldoni, The Good-Humoured Ladies: A Comedy. By Carlo Goldoni. Goldoni, Carlo / Aldington, Richard. The Good-Humoured Ladies: A Comedy. By Carlo Goldoni. Translated from the Italian by Richard Aldington. To which is prefix'd an Essay on Carlo Goldoni by Arthur Symons. The whole embellish'd with Cuts by Ethelbert White. London, C.W.Beaumont, 1922. 8°. XXIII, 76 pages. Original Hardcover / Quarter vellum with decorative paper-covered boards. The boards slightly bumped. The vellum spine in excellent condition. No.16 of only 75 copies printed. Signed by Arthur Symons, Ethelbert White and Richard Aldington. [The fifteenth book issued by the Beaumont Press].

Carlo Osvaldo Goldoni (25 February 1707 – 6 February 1793) was an Italian playwright and librettist from the Republic of Venice. His works include some of Italy's most famous and best-loved plays. Audiences have admired the plays of Goldoni for their ingenious mix of wit and honesty. His plays offered his contemporaries images of themselves, often dramatizing the lives, values, and conflicts of the emerging middle classes. Though he wrote in French and Italian, his plays make rich use of the Venetian language, regional vernacular, and colloquialisms. Goldoni also wrote under the pen name and title "Polisseno Fegeio, Pastor Arcade," which he claimed in his memoirs the "Arcadians of Rome" bestowed on him.

One of his best known works is the comic play Servant of Two Masters, which has been translated and adapted internationally numerous times. In 2011, Richard Bean adapted the play for the National Theatre of Great Britain as One Man, Two Guvnors. Its popularity led to a transfer to the West End and in 2012 to Broadway. (Wikipedia)

Keywords: Humour, Limited Edition, Plays, Signed

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  Labriola, Gina. In uno Specchio la Fenice. Signed First Edition. Bari / Roma, Editori Laterza, 1980. 14 cm x 21,5 cm. X, 212 Pages. Softcover with original dustjacket in protective Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Singed with an inscription and a dedicated note of the author.

Gina Labriola (Chiaromonte, 1931 – Marseilles, 2011) was an italian writer, poetess and painter. Since 1962, she lived for eleven years in Iran where she taught Italian at Teheran University. In 1972 was published "Istanti d'amore ibernato" (Laterza) translated in Persian, French and English, awarded in Bologna with « Roberto Gatti » and in Terni with « San Valentino » prizes.

Keywords: Italian Poetry

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Millu, Il Fumo di Birkenau. Millu, Liana. Il Fumo di Birkenau. Firenze, Giuntina, 1986. 11.5 cm x 19.5 cm. 163 Pages. Brossura originale. / Original Softcover. Ottime condizioni con solo lievi segni di usura esterna. / Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

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Rospigliosi, Writers in The Italian Renaissance. Rospigliosi, William. Writers in The Italian Renaissance. London, Gordon & Cremonesi Publishers, 1978. 26cm x 17.2cm. 242 pages. With illustrations. Original Hardcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following chapters: The Laurentian Era / Civic Pride in Renaissance Florence / The Poetry and Prose of Love / Peasant, Scholar, Diplomat / The Uses of Latin / Florentine Chancellors of the Renaissance / Forerunners of the Renaissance / Dante / Petrarch / Boccaccio, etc.

Keywords: Italian History, Italian Literature, Italian Renaissance

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Sabin, Italien erzählt: 25 Erzählungen. Sabin, Stefana. [Hrsg]. Italien erzählt: 25 Erzählungen. Ausgewählt und mit einer Nachbemerkung von Stefana Sabin. Frankfurt am Main, Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1988. 10,5 x 18cm. 262 Seiten. Originale Broschur. Sehr guter Zustand mit nur minimalen Gebrauchsspuren. [Fischer Taschenbuch, Nr. 9237].

Italien erzählt - 25 Autoren, 25 Geschichten, die Zeugnis geben von Italien und seiner Literatur in den letzten 50 Jahren: längst anerkannte und auch hierzulande bekannte Autoren und andere, die wohl in Italien eingeführt, hier aber noch zu entdecken sind, erzählen von Spiel und Arbeit, von Heimat und Fernweh, von Liebe und Ehe - 25 verschiedene Facetten des Phänomens Italien. [Fischer]

Keywords: Erzählungen, Italien, Italienische Kultur, Italienische Literatur, Kurzgeschichten

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Sainati, Le Opere degli Scrittori Italiani (Three Volumes). Sainati, Augusto. Le Opere degli Scrittori Italiani. Volume Primo: Secoli XIII - XV. / Volume Secondo: Secoli XVI - XVIII. / Volume Terzo: Secoli XIX - XX. Edizione completamente Rifatta del Manuale di P. Carli e A. Sainati. Quarta Ristampa. Three Volumes (complete). Firenze (Florenz), Publishers: Felice le Monnier, 1970. 8°. 1167 / 1459 / 1616 Pages. Original Hardcover-Volumes (titled, illustrated). Italian Edition. No Markings in the Text! No Underlinings! No Owner-Notation! The Volumes are in near fine condition with minor bumps to the corners.

Keywords: Italian Literature, Italian Texts, Italienische Literatur, Italienische Texte, Literaturgeschichte, Literaturwissenschaft

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