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IAOPA. Fly In Ireland.

IAOPA. Fly In Ireland. 11th Edition. Dublin, AOPA Ireland, 1989. 18 x 26 cm. 96 Pages. Cover picture shows a Cessna Crusader in flight with the Sugar Loaf Mountain, Co. Wicklow. Original illustrated softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following chapters: IAOPA Organisations / Gliding & Parachuting Clubs; Aviation Museums / Irish Aviation Council / Military Airfields/ Gazeteers/ Flight Plans/ Beaufort Scale/ Pre-Flight Preparations/ Aerodrome Index Map/ Military Airfields/ Frequencies Summar/ Abbreviations/ Morse Code/ Sunrise/Sunset Tables/ Register of Civil Aircraft/ Telephones/ Pilot's Briefing Notes etc.

This booklet is produced by the Aircraft Owner & Pilots Association of ireland to meet the needs of the touring pilot in Ireland and to provide, in compact and convenient form, most of the information he/she will need for flight planning to and within Ireland.

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AOPA, Ireland 'Fly In Ireland'

AOPA, Ireland 'Fly In Ireland'

AOPA, Ireland 'Fly In Ireland'

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