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Baigent, Stage Lighting.

Baigent, H.V. Stage Lighting. Written for the New Zealand Drama Council. Wellington, The New Zealand Drama Council, 1949. 21cm x 13.5cm. 40 pages. Original illustrated softcover. Includes fourteen black and white illustrations. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear. End paper inscribed in ink by previous owner.

This book clarifies some of the principle underlying stage lighting practice and the main methods based on those advocated by S.R. McCandless. Includes Suggestions for the making of equipment for those societies who wish to reduce their lighting budget to a minimum, as well as a list of firms handling lighting apparatus.

Contains sections on: colour harmony, (complimentary colours, coloured light and its effect on coloured costumes and scenery, accompanied by a table of coloured light and its effects); home made equipment; use of equipment; floodlights; spotlights; footlights; battens; dimmers; motivating light, etc.

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Baigent-Stage Lighting

Baigent-Stage Lighting

Baigent-Stage Lighting

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