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Havins, Worcestershire.

Havins, Peter Neville. Worcestershire. London, Robert Hale Ltd., 2012. 26.5cm x 18.5cm. 368 pages. Original Hardcover with illustrated dustjacket. As New.

Includes for Example:
Worcestershire - Comprehensive picture of the historic county of Worcestershire.

Invasion of Worcestershire by The Romans in 43AD. Arrival of Picts, the Angles and the Jutes. Looting and burning by The Vikings in 875. Invasion by William the Conqueror in 1066. Empress Matilda. The Tudors. Civil War, burning of Worcestershire. Monasteries, Priories, Friaries. Good Queen Bess. Black Death in 1349 caused the death of half the population of Worcestershire. Religious controversy. Tailor Harold Badby burned to death in 1410 for his beliefs. Worcestershiree bishops burned at the stake. Involvement of Worcestershire gentry in the gunpowder plot of 1605. The Malvern Hills. Second longest river in England. Famous figures inspired by Worcestershire - C.S. Lewis, Edward Elgar and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Enterprise and Industry in Worcestershire - The Mistletoe Market, Bromsgrave Nail-Making Centre, Reddich, The Scheldons and the Needle Industry, Royal Enfield, Morgan Motor Company.
Training and Education - King's School, The Worcester Free School, Wolverley Free Grammar School, King Charles I Grammar School, Kidderminster.
Travel and Transport - Passenger Boats and Steamers, Bewdley River Port, Railway, The Worcester and Birmingham Canal.
Early Sporting - Barefist boxing, fishing, Quoits and Ninepins, Cricket, Football, Worcester Rugby Club.
Arts: Music - Sir Edward Elgar, Thomas Tomkins, Muzio Clementi, Vesta Tilley, Frances Ridley Havergal. The Bromsgrove Guild, Churches, Poetry, Literature.

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Havins - Worcestershire.

Havins - Worcestershire.

Havins - Worcestershire.

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