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O’Callaghan, History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France.

O'Callaghan, History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France.

O’Callaghan, John Cornelius. History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France, from the Revolution in Great Britain and Ireland Under James II, to the Revolution in France Under Louis XVI. With an Introduction by Patrick J. Hally. Shannon, Irish University Press, 1969. 25.4cm x 18.5cm. xiii, 649 pages. With frontispiece portrait of Justin Mac Carthy (Lord Mountcashel) and other illustrations. Original Hardcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for Example: The Two Troops of Irish Horse Guards/ The Queen’s Regiment of Dismounted Dragoons/ The King’s Royal Irish Regiment of Foot Guards/ The Queen’s Regiment of Infantry/ The Infantry Regiment of the Marine/ The Infantry Regiment of Charlemont/ The Infantry Regiment of Clancarty/ The Infantry Regiment of Berwick/ The Horse Regiment of Sheldon/ George Guelph, Elector of Hanover/ George I/ Kiing of Great Britain and Ireland/ The Marshal Duke of Berwick/ James III/ General Rothe/ The Emperor Charles VI of Austria/ Stanislas Leszczynski, father in law of Louis XV/ Fort Kehl/ Mr. Jesse/ The Duke of Norfolk/ Charles O’Brien/ Lord Clare and Earl of Thomond/ Lieutenant-General/ Regiment of Lally/ Anthony MacDonough/ Nicholas MacDonough/ SLigo/ Sir Thomas Sheridan/ Godfrey O’Sheridan/ Mr. Edgar/ Prince Charles Edward for Scotland/ Temple Bar/ Penal Code/ The Young Chevalier/ The Stuart Cause in England/ Lord President Forbes/ The Marquis of Tweeddale, as Secretary of State for Scotland/ Whitehall/ Lancashire/ Jacobite Garrison of Carlisle/ Sir Francis Mac Geoghegan, Captain in the Irish Regiment of Lally/ Marquis de Crillon/ Marquis d’Avary/ Hanoverian/ Prince Charles/ Glasgow/ Stirling/ Highlands/ Lowlands/ Tongue Bay/ Talbot/ Troopshead/ Eltham of 40/ Hound of 16/ Pentland Frith/ Lord Cromarty/ MacKays/ Georgeite Clan/ Jacobite/ Empress Anne/ Prince Charles Stuart/ Captain Orr/ Welsh Fuzileers/ Welsh Fuzileers/ Germans/ Continental Troops/ Marshal Munich/ Crimea/ Cossacks/ The Khaun/ Palus Maeotis/ The Sea of Azoph/ Mestre-de-Camp de Cavalerie/ Bavaria/ Army of Flanders/ MacDonnells in Austria/ Richard Mac Namara, Esq., Solicitor in North Great George’s Street, Dublin/ The Case of Daniel Swiny, Cork Gaol/ Col. Fitzwilliam’s Regiment/ Fieffe/ Tanjore/ The Elizabethean War/ Captain Richard Mac Geoghegan of Moycashel, as Constable of the Castle of Dunboy/ Owen Roe O’Neill/ Carn, in the Barony of Moycashel and County of Westmeath/ Carn-Fiachach/ The Victory of the English at Wandewash/ Pondicherry, by the ferry, under The Guns of Fort St. Thomas/ M. Dubois/ Colonel Coote/ The Count de Gisors/ Marshal d’Etrees/ The Duke of Cumberland/ Paderborn/ Hesse/ Rosbach/ Betagh of Moynalta etc.

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O'Callaghan- John Cornelius
O’Callaghan- John Cornelius