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Drennan, The Irish Volunteers 1775-1790.

Drennan, William. The Irish Volunteers 1775-1790. Including: A substantial selection from the Drennan/M’Tier Correspondence; Complete Set of Drennan’s Letters to William Bruce; Reprint of Orellana, An irish Helot (1784); and Poems. Preface by Andrew Bryson. Introduction by Brendan Clifford. Edited by E. Courtney. Belfast, Belfast Historical and Educational Society, 1998. 21cm x 14.5cm. 236 pages with illustrations. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. [Belfast Historical and Educational Society: Volume One].

Includes for Example: The Drennan Correspondence/ Index of Personal Names in the Correspondence/ Key to Letter Numbers/ Notes to the Correspondence/ Letters of Orellana, An Irish Helot/ Poetry etc.

Illustrations include: Martha M’Tier/ William Drennan/ Orellana Titlepage etc.

William Drennan played an active part in the Irish Volunteer movement in the 1780s; and in the campaign of the Protestant interest in Ireland against the passing of the Act of Union during the years after the suppression of the 1798 Rebellion. The first volume contains his most influential pamphlet, the Letters of Orellana, published in 1784 for the purpose of re-invigorating the reform movement of the Volunteers, which was then at a low ebb. Also included are Drennan’s letters to William Bruce, in which the United Irish movement is foreshadowed; and a selection from the letters exchanged between Drennan, his sister Martha, and her husband, Sam M’Tier. Most of the 200 items in this section are appearing in print for the first time. A number of poems written by Drennan round out this book.

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Drennan- The Irish Volunteers 1775-1790
Drennan- The Irish Volunteers 1775-1790