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Fredet, Modern History: From the Coming of Christ, and the Change of the Roman R…

Fredet, Modern History: From the Coming of Christ, and the Change of the Roman R

Fredet, Peter. Modern History: From the Coming of Christ, and the Change of the Roman Republic into an Empire to the Year of Our Lord 1854. Eleventh Edition, carefully revised, enlarged, and improved. Dublin, James Duffy, 1861. 19cm x 12.4cm. xi, 567 pages. Original Hardcover with gilt lettering on spine, lettering faded. Good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Spine starting to separate from block. Pencil annotation on first page of Preface. Name of preowner on titlepage.

Includes for Example: Roman Empire/ Augustus/ Tiberius/ Claudius/ Nero/ Galba/ Vespasian/ Nerva/ Adrian/ Marcus Aurelius/ Commodus/ Septimus Severus/ Caracalla/ Macrinus/ Probus/ Diocletian and Mximian, afterwards Constantius Chlorus and Galerius/ The Accession of Constantine and the Downfall of the Roman Empire in the West/ Julian/ Valentinian and Valens/ Theodosius the Great/ Honorius and Arcadius/ Marcian, Leo the Thracian in the East/ Last Period and Fall of the Western Empire/ Foundation of the Principal and Most Celebrated States of Europe/ Anglo-Saxons in Great Britain/ Visigoths in Spain/ Emperors of Constantinople/ Mauritius/ Glorious Reign of Justinian/ Phocas/ Heraclitus/ Rise of Mahometanism/ Conquests of the Saracens in Syria/ Palastine and Mesopotamia/ Saracens defeated in the East/ Pepin, king of France/ Charlemagne, Emperor/ Louis the Debonnaire and his sons/ Arabian and Greek Empires during the Ninth Century/ Eastern Nations in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries/ Fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem/ Third Crusade/ England, Wales and Scotland under Kings Edward I and II/ Prosecution and Abolition of the Knights-Templars/ War between France and England/ Edward III and John II/ Rise of the Ottoman Empire, and its Progress, till the Battle of Nicopolis/ Tamerlane and the Moguls – Battle of Ancyra/ Renewal of War Between England and France/ Henry V and Charles VI/ Henry VI and Charles VII/ Fall of Constantinople/ Mahomet II/ Contest of the Houses of Lancaster and York in England/ Ferdinand and Isabella- Final Overthrow of the Moors in Spain/ Remarks on the Siscoveries made during the Sixth Period of Modern History/ Preliminary Observations on America/ Discovery of America, Christopher Columbus/ Wars for the Possession of Italy/ Cardinal Ximenes, Pople Leo X/ Conquest of Mexico, Hernando Cortez/ Portuguese Settlements in Asia/ Conquest of Peru- Francis Pizarro/ England Under the Tudors/ War Against the Turks- Siege of Malta/ Los of Cyprus/ Battle of Lepanto/ Philip II/ The Thirty Years War/ Civil War in England- the Commonwealth, Restoration/ Formation of the Federal Constitution of the United States/ Washington, the First President/ French Revolution/ Napoleon Bonaparte/ General View of the Civilized World, from the year 1815 to the year 1844 etc.

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Fredet, Modern History
Fredet, Modern History