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Vette, Impact Erebus.

Vette, Impact Erebus.

Vette, Gordan with Macdonald, John. Impact Erebus. Second Edition. Auckland, Hodder and Stoughton, 1983. 19 x 30 cm. 347 pages. With photograph illustrations and map. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket. In protective Mylar. Excellent condition. Very rare in this condition !

Includes for example the following chapters: Pictorial Account of Crash / RCU Briefing / Flight to the Ice / On the Mountain.

The crash of the Flight 901 was the loneliest of the world’s worst air disasters. In November 1979, the Air New Zealand DC10 with 257 people aboard took off from Auckland International Airport and flew 2000 miles southwards to the Antarctic, to plunge into the slope of Mt Erebus, a 12,000 ft volcano. Nine hours later, a US Navy aircraft from McMurdo Station sighted the wreckage- a brown smear on the ice. Nobody survived. Yet for all its isolation it was one of the best documented catastrophes. The aircraft’s electronic sensors were working and decipherable. Almost every passenger on the sightseeing trip carried cameras and shot film up to the last second. This was painstakingly salvaged and develped. And Antarctic weather scientists were monitoring local weather patterns, and receiving sophisticated film from satellites. But still the cause eluded investigators. Why should a skilled crew, with an Antarctic explorer on the flight deck, fly straight into a mountain wall in clear weather? The crew was blamed. It took nearly two years for the fog to life from the mystery. Gordon Vette, a fellow pilot of Captain Jim Collins, the man in command, could not accept the ‘pilot error’ verdict and began his own study and investigation. A Royal Commission headed by a forthright High Court Judge, dug deep into the planning and execution of the flight. The result was a story which is eerie in its implications for airmen. Even with the most modern instruments available, nature can still spring traps beyond prediction and even the best run airline couldbecome the victim of a computer error.

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Vette, John with Macdonald, John 'Impact Erebus'
Vette, John with Macdonald, John ‘Impact Erebus’