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[Pushkin] Magarshack,

[Pushkin] Magarshack,

[Pushkin, Alexander Sergeyevich] Magarshack, David. Pushkin. First Edition. London, Chapman & Hall, 1967. 22.8cm x 14.5cm. 320 pages. 26 illustrations. Original Hardcover. Gilt lettering on spine. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for Example: Nadezhda Pushkin/ Sergey Pushkin/ Petersburg in the 1820s/ Alexander Pushkin as a boy/ The gardens of Catherine the Great/ Tsarskoye Selo/ Moscow/ Odessa/ Countess Sofia Potocki/ Count and Countess Vorontsov/ Mikhailovskoye/ Anna Kern/ The Hanged Decembrists/ Pushkin: Self-portrait from the Fifth Canto of Eugene Onegin/ Portrait by A.O. Kiprensky/ Portrait by V. Tropinin/ Pushkin in a skirmish against the Turks/ The Little House in Kolomna/ Russian writers in the 1830s/ Natalie Pushkin/ Autograph of ‘The Bronze Horseman’/ Georges d’Anthes/ Pushkin’s last letter etc.

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[Pushkin]- Magarshack
[Pushkin]– Magarshack