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Arensberg, Family and Community in Ireland.

Arensberg, Conrad M./ Kimball, Solon T. Family and Community in Ireland. Second Edition. Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, 1968. 24cm x 16cm. xxxiii, 417 (5) pages. 14 figures, 13 tables. Maps of Clare and Ennis. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket. Good condition with some stronger signs of external wear. Waterstain on edge. Endpaper signed by preowner. Interesting newspaper-clipping about Ballybough Jewish Cemetery included. Very rare publication.

Includes for Example: The Small Farmers/ Small Farm Economy/ Family Labor/ The Relations of Kindred/ The Kinship System/ Demography and Familism/ Family Transition at Marriage/ Dispersal and Emigration/ The Problem of the Aged/ The Old in the Community/ Familism and Sex/ Occupation and Status/ Markets and Community/ The Framework of Relationship/ The Town: Setting and People/ Shopkeepers and Shop Assistants/ Induction and Transformation/ Marriage and Family/ Mobility and Continuity/ Reciprocals of Family and Credit etc.

The authors gathered their material during the early 1930s, when they lived for two years among the people of County Clare, and managed to establish relations of mutual friendliness and confidence with their various hosts. Their study focuses on the distinctive culture of the small farmers of Eire. After a brief statistical review to establish the small farmer class and characterize the nature and scope of its economic activities, the treatment centers on the family groups dwelling on the land and following the rhythmic cycles of an ancient mode of life. The rural familial economy with its division of labor between the sexes and between age groupings, traditional patterns that govern the status and control the relations between family members, the system of kinship, the interplay of demographic and familial factors, the institution of match-making as it affects family continuity and the dispersal of members, the sex mores, the position and problems of the aged, and the social and economic bonds that weld families into the community: all are described and discerningly analyzed.

The present edition includes six new chapters on the behavior of Irish townsmen and the distinctions between rural and urban life, even as the two remain intimately linked. Once more, the clear, sympathetic presentation of material makes this volume decidedly important, not only to the social scientist and anthropologist, but also to the general reader who is interested in Ireland, in things Irish, or simply the nature of human relationships.

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Arensberg- Family and Community in Ireland
Arensberg- Family and Community in Ireland