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Time Traveller’s Bookshop. The Time Traveller – Rare Books & Modern Thought – An…

Tešan, Jesenko / Geden, Matthew / O’Sullivan, Michael / Prior, Niamh / Smyth, Nicola J. / Smyth, Madlyn Erin / Tangney, John / Walsh, Ann / Nix, Eddy / White, Christian / Reiyia, Nelson Ole / O’Mahony, Alfie / Breinlich, Klaus / Wronoski, John / Carey, Stan / Dwyer, James / Haubold, Christian (Photographer) / Coughlan, Stuart (Graphic Design) / Smyth, Holger (Editor). The Time Traveller – Rare Books & Modern Thought – An Independent Magazine for Independent Minds – Volume I, No. 1. First Edition. Skibbereen, The Time Traveller Press, 2016. Folio. 144 pages with colour illustrations throughout. Original Softcover. ISSN 2009-9576 Excellent, new condition. Specialist Magazine with essays and reviews on forgotten books and authors combined with antiquarian book – catalogue.

The inaugural edition of this quarterly Magazine includes essays and reviews on forgotten and rare books as well as interesting authors: Essays: Jesenko Tesan – Music is Word – On the gestures of music (Appreciating Theodor W. Adorno’s ‘Philosophy of Modern Music’) / Essay: Matthew Geden – Desmond O’Grady – A Full Life / Review by John Tangney: Rainer Maria Rilke – ‘Letters to a Young Poet’ / Review by Niamh Prior: Robert Frost – ‘Aforesaid’ / Review by Matthew Geden: Eugenio Montale – ‘New Poems’ (1976 Edition) / Review by Ann Walsh: Sir Thomas Overbury – ‘His Wife” (1631 Edition) / Alfie O’Mahony – Biographical Sketch of irish socialist philosopher William Thompson / Essay: Idea & Impact – Holger Smyth – On the sharing of Wealth – West Cork philosopher William Thompson and his influence on socialist thought / Essay: Idea & Impact – Nelson Ole Reiyia – Using Business in Maasai-Land to drive change / Essay: Nicola Smyth – The Most Dangerous Library / Essay: Madlyn Smyth – A Lost Kind of Education / How to run your own independent bookshop / Column: Dr.Christian White – Shakespeare in my Life / Essay: Michael O’Sullivan – Johannes Scottus Eriugena / Essay: Eddy Nix – Bookshop and Community: Community at the Heart of a Bookstore / Introducing Specialist Book Dealers – Essay: Klaus Breinlich – ‘The Statutes of the Realm’ / Essay: John Wronoski – The Past is Now – Travels in Borges’s Uqbar / Provenance – Essay – Marc O’Sullivan – Frans Molenaar / Robinson Crusoe in Kinsale / Studio Talk: Chester Beatty’s Internet – The Studio – Art Nouveau Magazine / Samuel Roth’s ‘Two Worlds Monthly – A piracy attempt on Ulysses and The Consequences / John Carter & Percy H. Muir – Printing and the Mind of Man (PMM) – The Impact of Print on Five Centuries of Western Civilization from Gutenberg to Churchill / Essay: Stan Carey – The Samuel Johnson Notes – ‘A very nice word’ / Essay: James Dwyer – ‘He Tarzan … Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of the Jungles of Science Fiction’ / Review: James Dwyer – ‘Edgar Rice Burroughs – ‘Escape on Venus’ /

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Time Traveller's Bookshop. The Time Traveller - Rare Books & Modern Thought
Time Traveller’s Bookshop. The Time Traveller – Rare Books & Modern Thought