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Celtic – Irish Revolution / Easter Rising / Revolt and Independence

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[Casemennt, Casement's Last Adventure. [Casement, Roger] Monteith, Captain Robert. Casement’s Last Adventure. With a Foreword by Franz von Papen. Second, revised and rewritten Edition. Dublin, Michael F. Moynihan, 1953. Octavo. XV, 266 pages. With seven full-page photographic illustrations. Original Hardcover. Original binding with some staining. Internally in excellent condition. Some foxing and staining to edges. Rare and important Book !!

Includes for example: A Portrait of Roger Casement at the time of his Trial / Captain Robert Monteith in the Uniform of the Irish Brigade / The Deportation Order / Photograph of the Note given to Adler Christensen / Facsimile Copy of Schieman’s Letter To Casement / Facsimile Copy of Casement’s Letter to Schieman / Mrs. Robert Monteith //

With the following chapters: The Making oif Rebels / The Volunteers / Deportation / Nach Berlin / Some Tales of the Brigade / Banna Strand / Tralee / Dawning of the Day / Fugitive / The escape / Casement’s Speech from the Dock / Open Letter to the Irish People / Text of the German-Irish Treaty etc.

Keywords: Easter Rising, Irish Revolution

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Coogan, De Valera: Long Fellow, Long Shadow. Coogan, Tim Pat. De Valera: Long Fellow, Long Shadow. London, Hutchinson, 1993. 16 cm x 24 cm. XII, 772 pages. Original hardcover with original dustjacket in protective collector’s Mylar. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear. Inscription by preowner. Clean inside with solid binding.

Includes for example the following essays: The Harsh Reality of a Nursery / ’ Taking the Oath / Bearding the Bishops / Priomh Aire Meets Galowglas / The ‘Long Hoor’ v. Collins / Saorstat v. Phoblacht / The Scapegoats Go Forth / Binoculars and Beal na mBlath / The Warriors of Destiny / De Valera’s Decade / The Unique Dictator / Getting de Valera on the Record / Hash Justice / When Bishops Were Bishops / Borne Down by What Bore Him Up etc.

″Eamon de Valera is the subject of this biography. From the 1916 Rising, the troubled Treaty negotiations and the Civil War, right through to his retirement after a longer period in power than any other twentieth century leader, de Valera has both defined and divided Ireland. He was directly responsible for the Irish Constitution, Fianna Fail (the largest Irish political party) and the Irish Press Group. He helped create a political church-state monolith with continuing implications for Northern Ireland, the social role of women, the Irish language and the whole concept of an Irish nation. Many of the challenges he confronted are still troubling the peace of Ireland and of Britain, and some of the problems are his legacy.” (Amazon)

Keywords: 20th century, De Valera, Irish History, Irish Interest, Irish Revolution, Politics

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Drennan- The Irish Volunteers 1775-1790 Drennan, William. The Irish Volunteers 1775-1790. Including: A substantial selection from the Drennan/M’Tier Correspondence; Complete Set of Drennan’s Letters to William Bruce; Reprint of Orellana, An irish Helot (1784); and Poems. Preface by Andrew Bryson. Introduction by Brendan Clifford. Edited by E. Courtney. Belfast, Belfast Historical and Educational Society, 1998. 21cm x 14.5cm. 236 pages with illustrations. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. [Belfast Historical and Educational Society: Volume One].

Includes for Example: The Drennan Correspondence/ Index of Personal Names in the Correspondence/ Key to Letter Numbers/ Notes to the Correspondence/ Letters of Orellana, An Irish Helot/ Poetry etc.

Illustrations include: Martha M’Tier/ William Drennan/ Orellana Titlepage etc.

William Drennan played an active part in the Irish Volunteer movement in the 1780s; and in the campaign of the Protestant interest in Ireland against the passing of the Act of Union during the years after the suppression of the 1798 Rebellion. The first volume contains his most influential pamphlet, the Letters of Orellana, published in 1784 for the purpose of re-invigorating the reform movement of the Volunteers, which was then at a low ebb. Also included are Drennan’s letters to William Bruce, in which the United Irish movement is foreshadowed; and a selection from the letters exchanged between Drennan, his sister Martha, and her husband, Sam M’Tier. Most of the 200 items in this section are appearing in print for the first time. A number of poems written by Drennan round out this book.

Keywords: Irish Military History, Irish Revolution

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Erin-Go-Brath-Then and Now Erin-Go-Brath. Then and Now; or Irish Plots and Irish Plotters. First Edition. London, Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1882. 16.6cm x10.4cm. iv, 62 (4) pages. Original softcover. Frontcover nearly detached. Still in good condition with some stronger signs of external wear.

Includes for Example: The Broken Treaty/ Lord Chesterfield and the ‘Irish Enemy’/ Dean Swift, The Whiteboys, The Volunteers/ The Decline and Fall of the Volunteers, The Right Boys/ The United Irishmen/ A Network of Sedition/ The Rising of the Tide/ The Orange Institution/ Sedition’s ‘Little Game’/ Organised Treason/ Irish Gratitude and Irish ‘Tools’ / Wolfe Tone/ The Irish Revolutionists/ Dutch Naval Expedition/ De Winter/ Lowry of the Co. Down Executive Committee/ John Tennant, of Belast/ Catholics/ Northern Presbyterians etc.

Keywords: Irish Revolution

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Tillyard, Citizen Lord - The Life of Edward Fitzgerald Irish Revolutionary [Fitzgerald, Edward] Tillyard, Stella. Citizen Lord – The Life of Edward Fitzgerald Irish Revolutionary. First American Edition New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998. 16cm x 24cm. XVI, 337 pages. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

Includes the following:

Family Trees
From Boy to Soldier
From Adventurer to Lover
Republican and Married Man
Revolutionary and Conspirator

Keywords: Irish Revolution

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Foot, Ireland: Why Britain Must Get Out. Foot, Paul. Ireland: Why Britain Must Get Out. London, Chatto & Windus, 1989. 13 cm x 21 cm. 74 pages. Original softcover. Near Fine. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear. Signed by the author. [Chatto Counterblasts, No.2]

Contains the following chapters: Introduction / Partition: The Dismembered Corpse / 1922-68: The Carnival of Reaction / 1968-88: The Vampires at the Feast / Britain Out.

″A pamphlet on the last 70 years of Irish history, providing political argument and an account of the troubled history of Anglo-Irish relations. This award-winning journalist has also written “The Politics of Harold Wilson”, “The Rise of Enoch Powell” and “Why You Should be a Socialist”.”(Amazon)

Keywords: 20th century, Irish History, Irish Interest, Irish Revolution, Politics, Signed

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Garvin-1922 Garvin, Tom. 1922. The Birth of Irish Democracy. Dublin, Gill & Macmillan, 1996. 21.5cm x 13.5cm. xii, 240 pages. Original illustrated softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Minor marking on page 1.

Includes for example the following chapters: Democracy, Republicanism, and Nationalism/ Revolution and Democracy in Ireland 1913-23/ The Dail Government and Local Democracy, 1919-23/ The Creation of a Democratic Public Order, 1922-23/ Irish Political Culture and the Emergence of the Irish Free State/ State-Building after the Treaty/ The Prospects for Democracy and the Irish Experience etc.

This book examines the birth of the Irish state and sets it in its European historical context. The process of democratic nation-making reached full fruition while a vicious civil war was raging, ostensibly fought over points of political principle but actually deciding whether Ireland was to be ruled by popular majority will or by a virtuous but unaccountable minority. Garvin argues that militant republicanism always lacked popular, democratic legitimacy. The mainstream Irish nationalist tradition was moderate and realistic, and it was this nation-building tradition that triumphed in 1922. The stability and good order of the Irish state owes much to this victory. In particular, because the democratic impulse in Irish life overcame the cult of the virtuous minority, Ireland did not go the way of so many other newly emerging European states. There were to be no military dictators or fascist interludes; instead, there evolved a stable democracy which eventually came to include most of those defeated in 1922.

Keywords: Irish History, Irish Revolution

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Irwin-Benson's Flying Column Irwin, Thomas P. Benson’s Flying Column. A Story of the Anglo-Irish War. Dublin, The Talbot Press Limited, Unknown, c. 1942. 18.8cm x 12.4cm. 303 (2) pages. Original Hardcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for Example: The Eleta Cafe/ The Ambush/ The Escape/ The Good Samaritans/ The Gunmen/ The Rescue/ The Vow/ The Flying Column/ The Attack on the Barrack/ Davy Makes a Decision/ Davy Departs/ The Gateway of Death/ A Desperate Encounter/ The Passing Sean/ The End of the Column/ Refuge/ Davy Plays a Lone Hand/ The Black and Tans/ The I.R.A./ The Auxiliaries/ R.I.C. Listowel/ The English Government/ The Royal Irish Constabulary/ Republicanism/ Sinn Feinn etc.

Keywords: Irish Revolution

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Kee, The Green Flag: A History of Irish Nationalism. Kee, Robert. The Green Flag: A History of Irish Nationalism. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1972. Octavo. 877 pages. Original Hardcover with dustjacket in protective collector’s mylar. Excellent, as new condition with only minor signs of wear. Rare in this condition.

Robert Kee, CBE (5 October 1919 – 11 January 2013) was a British broadcaster, journalist and writer, known for his historical works on World War II and Ireland. His career in journalism began immediately after the Second World War. He worked for the Picture Post, then later became a special correspondent for The Sunday Times and The Observer. He was also literary editor of The Spectator. In 1949 Kee was a witness at the marriage of his friend George Orwell to Sonia Brownell. Kee wrote and presented the documentary series Ireland – A Television History in 1980. The work was widely shown both in the United Kingdom and the United States and received great critical acclaim, winning the Christopher Ewart-Biggs Memorial Prize. Following the series’ transmission on RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster, Kee won a Jacob’s Award for his script and presentation. He was involved in the launch of TV-am in 1983 as one of the “Famous Five”, along with David Frost, Anna Ford, Michael Parkinson and Angela Rippon. He was also amongst those who successfully campaigned for the release of the Guildford Four, the Maguire Seven and the Birmingham Six. (Wikipedia).

Keywords: Irish Revolution

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[Kerryman, With the IRA in the Fight for Freedom - 1919 to the Truce. [Kerryman, The] With the IRA in the Fight for Freedom – 1919 to the Truce. [With a chapter: “The Anglo-Irish War” by Piaras Beaslai]. First Edition. Tralee, The Kerryman, no year (c. 1950). 8°. 238 pages. Original Softcover. Some minor damage to the brochure ! Very good condition with some minor signs of external wear. Some foxing.

Includes for example: The Constitutional Battle of the National Struggle / Donal O’Kelly – Ordeal by Fire – How Cork City Faced the Terror / Patrick Lynch – A Fighting Rearguard saved the IRA in the Retreat After the Ambush at Rineen / etc. etc.

Keywords: 1916 Rebellion, Easter Rising, IRA, Irish Revolution

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