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Celtic – Irish Natural History and Botany

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Akeroyd - The Wild Plants of Bere, Dursey, Whiddy and other Islands in Bantry Ba Akeroyd, John / Wolstenholme, Leander / Poole, Jenna / Atkinson, Wendy / Flynn, Paul / Janouchova, Marketa / Plant, Caroline / Fisher, Jenny. The Wild Plants of Bere, Dursey, Whiddy and other Islands in Bantry Bay. Photography by Robbie Murphy. Sherkin Island, Sherkin Marine Station, 2013. 8°. 240 pages. Original, illustrated Softcover. Excellent, as new condition. Signed by the editor.

Includes: The Environment and History of the Islands / Climate / Geology and Soils / Glacial Drift / Soil types / Vegetation / History of native vegetation / Outline of plant communities / Flora / Human history, land ownership and land use / Prehistory to the Middle Ages / 16th to 19th centuries – Invaders and Landlords / Castles, forts and towers / Population changes in the 19th to 20th centuries / History of Botanical Exploration / Historical outline / The Work of Botanists from Sherkin Island Marine Station / The Islands / Bere / Dursey / Whiddy / Garinish (Garnish Island) / Systematic Plant List of Bere, Dursey & Whiddy and other Islands of Bantry Bay / Pteridophytes: Ferns and Fern allies / Gymnosperms: conifers / Angiosperms: flowering plants / Charophytes: stoneworts / References / Index of Scientific Names / Inneacs de hAinmneacha GAeilge / Index of English Names //

Keywords: Bantry, Bantry Bay, Botanik, Botany, County Cork, Flora, Ireland, Irish Botany, Irish Flora, Irish Natural History, West Cork

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